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work with me…


1:1 Private Programs:

Get personalized attention and tailored guidance. Address your unique needs and goals with expert support.


Group Programs:

Collaborate, learn, and grow together in workshops, seminars, and shared sessions. Connect with others and gain diverse perspectives.


Seasonal Group Offerings:

Combine group dynamics with individual focus. Join themed programs during specific periods for shared progress.


Engagement Session

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Shakti Ignition

1: 1 private program

Full program price £3,333 

In this process we pinpoint the issue & the patterns that are keeping you stuck.  If your ready for a MASSIVE BREAKTHROUGH, then this is for you!
If your feeling fed up and ready to shine your light out into the world, to live your life’s purpose and ENJOY the Journey, don’t wait any longer!


  • 3 months, with private 1:1 sessions
  • Specialized container, for laser-focused coaching, quick fire breakthrough experiences, and the ignition to expand rapidly yet sustainably.
  • This is designed to give you the boost you need to get started, move through those blocks, while feeling held and supported, weaving in healing elements, and allow you to succeed!
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Shakti Igniter

group program

Starting at £148

Imagine what it would be like if you actually listened to your Soul.  Imagine the changes your Soul may like you to make in your life. What if you prioritized this and gave your Soul more space.

Ignition to Live your Life on Purpose

  • FIERY FUSION – using a combination of coaching techniques, muscle testing, energy work and healing, spiritual guidance, this is a ONE OF A KIND technique you won’t find anywhere else

  • IGNITION – your at the edge of a threshold and need some ignition and support to break through

  • SOUL CONNECTION – feel the connection of soul sisters, while experiencing Healing & Energy Activations that will LIGHT up your SOUL
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You guys!! I just had my ‘break through your blocks’ session with Emma and it was so powerful! If you haven’t had yours yet, I highly recommend it Major excited for the new empowered me to emerge in full authentic expression. THANK YOU EMMA

Chelsea Fletcher

Shakti Awakening

1: 1 private program

Full program price £5,555 

A specialized 6-month process, for a one of a kind deep dive and transformational healing journey.  Say YES to yourself, and living the life of your dreams!

Step into the Divine Feminine and unleash your Super Powers..

  • Chakra Healing & Past Life Healing
  • Cord Cutting & Curse Releasing
  • Inner Child Work & Shadow Work
  • Sacred Womb Healing
  • Releasing Self-Sabatoring Behaviours
  • Kinesiology for Mindset
  • Removal of Shields
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Back Care

private course

6 week course price £66

Diminish that back pain in just 6 weeks! Stop being sick and tired of living with your back pain and barely getting by…
I have been where you are and that’s exactly why I created a gentle yoga course that you can utilize every day for the rest of your life to ease that pain.

Get Ready to Receive:

  • A Daily Back Care Routine: It all starts with what you can do everyday to help ease your backpain. This is going to be the first tool in your arsenal.
  • An S.O.S. Back Care Routine: What about those days that you are just so beat and need immediate help? You are covered with safe and gentle hands in the SOS Back Care.
  • A Release Back Care Routine: Breath, sink into the positions with every breathe and release every inch of pain you are feeling. Let it go and let it all out.
  • + 3 Yoga Classes for Back Pain Relief & Back Maintenance
  • Lifetime Access
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Portal to Pregnancy
Conscious Conception
Soul Baby

Emma has been pivotal in our success in becoming parents! I can’t thank her enough…my work with her in My Soul Baby, cleared blocks to allow me to accept that I could become a Mummy after several miscarriages, failed IVF attempts and 5 years of trying! We are now joyful parents (myself becoming a Mummy at 46!) to our miracle baby girl and our family is complete! I honestly can’t thank Emma enough and am forever grateful. Thank you! 💕xx

Kirsty J.

Money Magic

energy activation

Early bird price £555 

Calling in your Higher Self & your Divine team can assist you to get out of your own way, on a daily basis. When you say YES to this group – you can lean in and get the support you need as well as assist each other. Call in the support that you need & deserve to stay on track. Here are some of the touch points we cover!


  • Boldly become in right relationship with your finances.

  • Let go of all the ways that you have been CONDITIONED to be in lack mentality

  • Be brave enough to have the conversations that will empower you with regard to your finances

  • Clear your subconscious & inherited beliefs & patterns around money

  • Align with the Wealth Frequencies

  • Learn to Love Money so that you can relax & enjoy being more playful with it

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Relight the fire within