Shakti Igniter

group program

A 3 month container. Weaving in powerful elements from my Shakti Igniter and Shakti Awakening 1:1 private programs, you get to experience a super potent process for a fraction of the cost!  You’ll receive group healings and energy activations, while being held in a deeply supportive container. 
PLUS a special private page access for additional sister support and community connection.


on purpose!

  • Fiery Fusionusing a combination of coaching techniques, muscle testing, energy work and healing, spiritual guidance, this is a ONE OF A KIND technique you won’t find anywhere else

  • Ignitionyou are at the edge of a threshold and need some ignition and support to break through

  • Soul Connectionfeel the connection of soul sisters, while experiencing Healing & Energy Activations that will LIGHT up your SOUL

  • Sourcedwhen your Body is in alignment with your Soul, you get to experience the joy of feeling Sourced

  • Balance the Divineheal the distorted masculine, and bring balance to the Divine Masculine and Feminine within you, creating BALANCE and UNION

  • Release Patternsuncover and heal subconscious limiting beliefs that keep you stuck, limited, or in self sabotage

  • Purposemanifest your heart’s desire & live your life on purpose


Your personal invitation to join the Shakti Igniter

Your personal invitation to join the Shakti Igniter

a transformative journey

SELF – Whole Being

Month One = Self

  • Focusing on all aspects of SELF – Whole Being
  • Body, Mind, Emotion, Spirit, Soul, Ego

Intimate-Sisterhood & sister woundsjpg

Month Two = Relationships

  • Sisterhood & sister wounds
  • Family & family patterns, wounds, triggers
  • Significant others & attachment wounding


Month Three = Divine Union

  • Shakti – divine feminine
  • Shiva – divine masculine
  • Union – balance and boundaries

Give Your Soul Space

Imagine what it would be like if you actually listened to your Soul.

Imagine the changes your Soul may like you to make in your life.

What if you prioritized this and gave your Soul more space.

We are all spiritual beings housed in a human body – we pay so much attention to the noise in our mind and outside influences, but what if we listened to that inner voice – and let the sparks of our true desire grow. Grow in confidence as you embrace the magic all around you. Tap into the natural rhythms and cycles of the Seasons.

When you create more space within your being, there is less resistance to all the Love & Light that is constantly flowing to you.

When you quiet down the internal chatta the Divine Inspired ideas come, and you can begin to Co-Create with Source.

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Listen to Your Body

Tune into your body’s messages, help your body to heal and process trauma it has been holding onto for too long, so that you can feel true reverence and acceptance for your Body Temple. It deserves so much more respect for all that is thas done for you so far this lifetime. After all it is the vessel that houses your Soul.

When you feel lethargic and stagnant it is so hard to know what you can do to feel better. I want you to know there is a way you can shift this, you can enjoy feeling more motivated & inspired each day so that you can enjoy the benefits of going WITH the flow of Feminine Cycles and not pushing against, which often leads to feeling like you have failed.

YOUR SOUL LIGHT is always there but sometimes clouded and masked by limiting beliefs, thoughts, fears, past life chords, karmic knots, other peoples attachments. Together we can work it out and with our weekly meet-ups help to clear these up so you feel brighter and ready to shine your light out into the world.


By the end of the 3 month process you will be enjoying the feeling of Contentment and experiencing more joy and satisfaction in all aspects of you life. 

This is known as SANTOSHA.

Ready to Birth the Life you want to be living?  Ready to ENJOY the support of this Shakti Awakening Cocoon?

Give this gift to your self today and enjoy feeling lighter as you become unstuck, more creative and experience the true abundance you came here for.

Let your Soul Guide you to live a more Soul-fueled life!!!

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By the end of the 3 month process you will be enjoying the feeling of Contentment and experiencing more joy and satisfaction in all aspects of you life. 

Samskaras are below the level of normal consciousness, and are said to be the root of all impulses, character traits and innate dispositions.

These can show up in an unhealthy mindset, repeating old patterns, feeling stuck in a trauma bubble and feeling constantly triggered.

In Buddhism, Samskaras are understood as mental ‘formations,’ whereas in Hindu philosophy, Samskaras are the basis of the development of karma, providing evidence of rebirth.

Samskara is a Sanskrit term, derived from two roots; sam meaning ‘well planned’ or ‘well thought out’, and kara meaning ‘the action under-taken.’ As such, it is believed that actions performed with full awareness have the greatest impact, leaving impressions which are more easily traced and repeated. Often likened to grooves in the mind, they can be considered as psychological or emotional imprints that contribute to the formation of behavioural patterns.

Every month, each weekly session will have it’s own divine theme

I have intentionally set up this program, to have a monthly theme along with a weekly theme, to mirror and reflect the natural cycles and rythyms of nature.

WEEK 1: Finding the subconscious & limiting beliefs (samskaras) to be healed and released, through a muscle-testing technique.

WEEK 2: Healing activation codes + coaching, using the field of the Akashic Records.

WEEK 3: Embodiment practices in various forms and techniques.

WEEK 4: Integration – time off to focus on deep healing and rest, allowing the 3 weeks of healings to continue to integrate within your whole self, while allowing anything else to release.

The details:

embrace the journey

Choose the payment plan that suits you

Monthly payment plan


A YOGA ASANA video from ME!

This is my gift to you, to help with embodiment and integration.  This will be sent out once a month, during your integration week.

Yoga Asana is a gentle form of body based practices, that is designed for Everybody. 


You’ll receive a Pre-Course Class.

This is such a fun class, as I will be guiding you to deepen into your intuition, where you will get to meet your spirit guide for our 3 month program (and beyond)!

Have Questions?

Shakti is Goddess within, the Divine feminine energy that we each carry within us – it can lie dormant or be ignored – but when you do the inner work it is possible to feel her rise within you and you feel confident, intuitive and you can onboard her guidance.

This is like unleashing your superpowers. We all have the ability to be intuitive, empathic and when you trust in yourself more – you have the confidence and the ability to co-create the life you want to be living with so much confidence, fun and you feel the assistance of your higher Self.

Yes it can help with overwhelm, decision-making, confidence, sleep and so much more.

For so long women have been repressed and conditioned to play it small, to stay home – to be quiet – to be the good girl this conditioning has been put onto us over centruaries by the patriarchy and now it is time to make a change. We do not want to be anti-men but in order to feel more at ease with the masculine energies it is important to acknowledge our hurts, wounds and the gas-lighting that has gone on. Instead of feeling hurt and triggered we can heal this so that we can go on to create positive relationships and let the Divine masculine energies serve us.

It is a bit like both – but rather than just talking about things and being advised on what to do – together you heal what is holding you back and keeping you stuck that lies within the subconscious. Working within the Akashic records can be profound as you can get channelled messages from your own Divine team as well as receive healing streams of light from the Akashic realms.

Yes I work with all my clients on zoom all over the world, and I have found that it is deeply impactful and if you can take some time to relax after the sessions it can be so much better than jumping straight into a car and driving off. Some down time to relax and be with whatever feelings came up is so beneficial.

It is up to you how much – Emma asks than you do not drink alcohol the day before the session. There is the non-negotiable self-care that Emma will advise you of to assist with the assimilation and ease of healing. Usually there is time for integration so that you have time to relax between healing sessions.

Happy Words

from happy clients

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Hey! I'm Emma Burton

Are you tired of repeating the same old excuses that hold you back from your dreams? I understand the frustration first-hand, as I once found myself trapped in that cycle. But I made a decision to change, and I discovered that the power to transform my life was within me all along.

By calling upon my team of heavenly helpers, I unlocked a new level of abundance and joy. Now, I’m on a mission to share the tools and insights that helped me break free from lack and scarcity. I want you to know that you have the same potential within you.

Together, we can rewrite your money story and unlock the wealth codes that will lead you to the life you desire. It’s time to step into your power, heal your relationship with money, and embrace the abundance that awaits.

I know this is possible as I have finally overcome the struggle and moved into my dream home, got my children into the schools I had wished for & I am enjoying receiving plentifully. I want this for you too. It’s time to make your Soul Wishes – this is what you came here for.

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Emma encourages her clients to adapt a healthy and soulful philosophy which allows them to embrace the more spiritual side of themselves and their lives.

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