Portal to Pregnancy

Struggling to get pregnant?

Or just done with the struggle?

It’s time to conceive your Soul Baby.

What you’ll get out of this six-month program:

We will find and clear any blocks to your pregnancy so that you feel 100% confident and ready to conceive the baby you’re dreaming of.
You will learn tools that will help you know exactly what to do and how to prepare for this…

You will have one-to-one support with someone (that’s me) who believes in your ability to conceive and knows how to walk you through getting there… and who has helped many women realize their pregnancy goals.

This program will be tailored to your specific needs.

We start off with a “First Coaching Call” which is a 90 minute session to get to know you and your story so far so that we can make a plan for the next 6 months.

How Can This help You?

Month 1

Cord Cutting:

Release the Story so far – your birth, any stress you may have picked up in your own mother’s womb, and/or through entry into this world. Heal any grief connected to loss – so that you can feel clear and confident to hold your baby in your womb and feel more relaxed about labour & Birth.

Month 2

Womb Healing:

Overcome the years of mistreatment by yourself and others, Re-establish a strong connection with this hugely powerful aspect of your Divine Feminine being – so that you more confident in your pregnancy and can create a more welcoming space for baby to grow. 

Month 3

Mindset Tune-up:

Find and clear any fears and Limiting Beliefs that may be preventing your pregnancy – so that you can overcome your doubts & fears and welcome your baby into your life. (We use Kinisiology muscle testing to get super accurate results here.)

Month 4

Relationship Reset:

Build more trust and strengthen your communication in your Sacred Relationship with your partner and with your Self, so that you feel more connected (Body, Mind & Soul) and at ease, feeling like you are on the same team and better able to co-create, co-parent and support each other along the way. 

Month 5

Soul Baby:

Messages From Your Soul Baby: Open up the conversation with your Baby’s spirit so that they can share anything they need in order to come into your life. You may feel “close” to them already, but we will build on this bond, nurture the connection and experience so much more trust & joy.

Month 6

Portal to Pregnancy:

In this final phase we help you build more confidence in your body’s ability to conceive and carry your baby full-term.

You will have built more resilience so that you can EMBODY your own “Soul Mumma” super powers and call in your Pregnancy.

Meet Emma

Emma is a mother of 2 gorgeous boys, a fertility coach, healer & author.

She has been on a journey of Self-Discovery from an early age. Enjoying yoga, meditation, snowboarding, horse-riding and walking in the Shropshire Hill.

Emma helps women who are struggling to get pregnant. She works with them to find any blocks, so that they can release the stress and clear trauma stored in their body. She helps ease anxiety so that they can embrace their innate inner wisdom and confidently embrace the path to pregnancy and birth.

“I have over 25 Years of experience supporting women with holistic health. All I ever wanted was to become a mother myself, so I understand the yearning that is in your Soul. Please don’t give up on your baby dreams.”

– with so much love Emma xox

“Emma has been pivotal in our success in becoming parents! I can’t thank her enough…my work with her in My Soul Baby, cleared blocks to allow me to accept that I could become a Mummy after several miscarriages, failed IVF attempts and 5 years of trying!

We are now joyful parents (myself becoming a Mummy at 46!) to our miracle baby girl and our family is complete! I honestly can’t thank Emma enough and am forever grateful. Thank you! 💕xx” 

Kirsty J

“Working with Emma on my fertility journey has been truly magical and an eye opening experience. Emma is extremely gifted in helping Moms to be, get comfortable with where they are in the journey and uncover hidden causes that have been preventing them from getting pregnant. My journey to becoming a mom hasn’t been easy but having Emma guide me in the unconscious beliefs I have around getting pregnant has really helped me move from feeling bad about my journey to feeling empowered and okay with where I am at.

Emma has an amazing ability to connect you with your soul baby and get to the root cause of the discord in getting pregnant. I am very grateful that I have been able to work with Emma and that we have healed some really deep junk that has been waiting to be healed for a long time.”

Amy R

Payment Plan

Down Payment of £500

6 Monthly payments of £1100

(Total £7100)

One Time Payment


(save £1545!)

The Program includes many different modalities that we’ll be using to achieve healing and prepare you for your pregnancy.

We will be meeting on Zoom for private 1:1 sessions

Each month of the 6 month journey will focus on a different healing theme:

  • The first week of the month is a 1 hour session for training on our topic combined with a healing activation.
  • The second week of the month you’ll be receiving follow up 1:1 30 minute laser coaching sessions where we’ll actively work to release limitations.
  • The third week of the month we’ll develop your individualized self practice ritual to build strength and health.
  • The fourth week is a rest and integration week for you to restore and metabolize all that you’re learning.


  • A free copy of my best selling book: “Don’t Get Stuck on Your Asana”
  • The Heart-space Activation Audio.
  • Email access to Me Monday – Friday. 

The Benefits…

  • Imagine taking the stress and fear out of your fertility journey, so that you can enjoy this sacred time.
  • Put the Intimacy back into your relationship.
  • Be in deep reverence of your body.
  • Become more confident about your pregnancy.
  • Zoom Calls so you can join from anywhere in the world.