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Money Magic


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It’s Time to Embrace Abundance

Imagine how good it will feel to know all your needs are met. To get out of the scarcity
mentality where you work so hard, every day and still do not have enough to pay your bills. This is so stressful and has an impact on your mental and physical health as well as your nervous system.
So many of us women have been brought up to believe that money is not for us to earn. Women need to marry well to have a good life, OR Women will never earn as much as men.
As Bob Dylan declared “Times, they are a changing.”
No longer is it ok, to accept all the ways of the patriarchy. The old family patterns and dynamics where 1 child inherits all. Where there is competitiveness around money and if one person does really well financially there is not enough to go around. As women it is time to be the SACRED DISRUPTER and pave the way for change.
It’s time to bring more money into the hands of those who have done their inner work and understand that we all can look after each other. There is more than enough to go around. It is time to slay the bullshit ways that we women have put up with for too long, and instead claim our own SACRED WEALTH.

Money Magic

Calling in your Higher Self & your Divine team can assist you to get out of your own way, on a daily basis. When you say YES to this group – you can lean in and get the support you need as well as assist each other. Call in the support that you need & deserve to stay on track. Here are some of the touch points we cover!

We meet 3 x each month

Our Group will meet on zoom 3 times each month.

You can join from anywhere in the world.

Replays will be available if you cannot attend the live class.

1 week each month for integration. – Guided yoga practice and journaling prompts over integration.

Bedtime meditation audios

Channeled Messages

Akashic Record Readings

Subconscious de-cluttering

Q &A’s

Sacred Wealth Rituals

Monthly Themes connected
to the Cycles of Gaia

Home Work

3 Commitments each of us will make
whilst we are in the group.

Accountability each week.

This is a Course to plug into, and feel
supported by your Sacred Wealth Sisters.

Weekly Affirmation practice

Vortex meditation

Be Confident as you Dance with your FINANCES

In this group course we will::


  • Boldly become in right relationship with your finances.
  • Let go of all the ways that you have been CONDITIONED to be in lack mentality.
  • Be brave enough to have the conversations that will empower you with regard to your finances.
  • Clear your subconscious & inherited beliefs & patterns around money.
  • Align with the Wealth Frequencies.
  • Learn to Love Money so that you can relax & enjoy being more playful with it.

How this works…


1. Sovereign

You are the main character – You are the one who is able to “save” yourself. Together we will claim your Queendom with regard to wealth.

2. Cyclical Living

As women we have always cycled with the phases of the moon – over 28 days and when we go with the flow of our natural rhythms we flourish.

3. Bedtime Mediations

As part of this course, you will receive a meditation to listen to as you settle into your sleep time. This is a super powerful practice to set up your subconscious mind to marinade in goodness through the night.

4. Self Care

This Course is part of your Sacred Wealth Care – but with that you will benefit from extra Self care for your physical body and mind body, and getting some motivation to do so.

5. Gaia Connection

The Rhythms of mother earth are so powerful to connect with – we can lean into her for more than just grounding, but also to tune into the frequency of the seasons and go with that flow.

6. Healing

Healing is simply a return to wholeness. Healing your money story can be life changing. Money can be one of the biggest stress factors & have a huge impact on your nervous system.

7. Muscle Testing

This is just one of the ways Emma can help to pinpoint the subconscious beliefs, fears, triggers and emotions to release all
that no longer serves you and can keep you stuck.

8. Akashic Records

Emma will be using information from your Akashic Records to assist healing your money story. Every thought, word & deed since your Soul incepted is stored in this realm.

Hey! I'm Emma Burton


Are you sick & tired of the same old story – the same old excuse you say
as to why you cannot do the thing you really want to.
Well NOW is the time for a big change, and the only one who can do this is YOU.
You have the power within you to create the life you most want to live.
When YOU call in your team of heavenly helpers, you can create with so much more joy and ease.
Grow in confidence in your own ability to be in charge of your WEALTH CREATION.
Call in the magic of the Universe and lean into all the support that is there for you.
It is time to heal your relationship with money and claim your wealth codes.



Yes, Sign me up!


Love the work you do. So grateful to have been able to receive!


Omg, where do I even start lol. The session was so healing, i released so much in that time and I was like wow!!! I would like to book another session. If such massive release and shifts happened in just 1 session, I can only imagine what my life would be like if I did multiple sessions. 


I noticed a huge shift in myself, my life and I would recommend anyone feeling stuck or struggling to book a session with you. It felt amazing having the stuff come to surface and be released.


Money Magic

Sacred Wealth 3 month Course …………………………………£666
Or pay per month 3 x …………………………………………………..£222
Early Bird Price (b4 Fec 4th)……………………………………..£555

Use code: JUPITER23 for £111 off pay in full price.
Use Code: JUPITER24 for £111 discount off payment plan.

Bonuses include:

  1. Prosperity Activation
  2. First 5 people to enroll get a free 30 minute 1:1 Money Block Session
  3. Join before January 31st to receive your personal oracle card reading.