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Emma Burton


Imagine being able to release the stress and fear from your fertility journey, so that you could enjoy this sacred time.

Imagine how it might feel to be able to make intimacy within your relationship the cornerstone of this journey.

Imagine holding deep reverence for your body, and becoming more confident about the steps you are undertaking along the way.

These things are all possible when you’ve an ally like Emma in your corner.

Together you will work to navigate any roadblocks along your pregnancy journey, allowing you to embrace the process with confidence. We will use tools such as Sacred Womb Healing, Kinisiology Muscle Testing and Akashic Records for Channeled guidance, during our Zoom calls, all of which will help you to release the “struggle” and move into a space of conscious awareness and choice.

Portal to Pregnancy
6 month 1:1 coaching program tailored to your specific needs
Conscious Conception
4 Week Course to help you prepare for pregnancy
Soul Baby
A session to open up the channel of communication with your soul baby


“Working with Emma on my fertility journey has been truly magical and an eye opening experience. Emma is extremely gifted in helping Moms to be, get comfortable with where they are in the journey and uncover hidden causes that have been preventing them from getting pregnant. My journey to becoming a mom hasn’t been easy but having Emma guide me in the unconscious beliefs I have around getting pregnant has really helped me move from feeling bad about my journey to feeling empowered and okay with where I am at. Emma has an amazing ability to connect you with your soul baby and get to the root cause of the discord in getting pregnant. I am very grateful that I have been able to work with Emma and that we have healed some really deep junk that has been waiting to be healed for a long time.”

Amy R

“Emma has been pivotal in our success in becoming parents! I can’t thank her enough…my work with her in My Soul Baby, cleared blocks to allow me to accept that I could become a Mummy after several miscarriages, failed IVF attempts and 5 years of trying! We are now joyful parents (myself becoming a Mummy at 46!) to our miracle baby girl and our family is complete! I honestly can’t thank Emma enough and am forever grateful. Thank you! 💕xx” 

Kirsty J.

“Wow! Today was amazing. Give yourself the gift. So much incredible insight and definitely feeling a shift in potential”