Back Care

A gentle 6 Week yoga course where we
start off each week by tackling that pain.
It’s time to live your best life.

Diminish that back pain in just 6 weeks!

Haven’t you been suffering with for too long?

Get ready to receive:

A Daily Back Care Routine: It all starts with what you can do every day to help ease your back pain. This is going to be the first tool in your arsenal.
An S.O.S. Back Care Routine: What about those days that you are just so beat and need immediate help? You are covered with safe and gentle hands in the SOS Back Care.
A Release Back Care Routine: Breath, sink into the positions with every breath and release every inch of pain you are feeling. Let it go and let it all out.
+ 3 Yoga Classes for Back Pain Relief & Back Maintenance
Lifetime Access

build your back care arsenal

Stop being sick and tired of living with your back pain and barely getting by…

I have been where you are and that’s exactly why I created a gentle yoga course that you can utilize every day for the rest of your life to ease that pain.

For only £66

Find your freedom faster. Say Yes!

With this gentle 6 Week yoga course where we start off by tackling that pain. Then we will slowly build up your Back Care arsenal so you don’t have to live this way anymore.

You get lifetime access of 6 videos that you can use in 720 different ways. Trust in this process as Emma has successfully helped so many people over the years.

Clients range from top athletes wanting to hang on to their careers, to everyday people who are sick of just medicating the problem without knowing how best to care for themself.