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My name is Emma Burton and I am the Shakti Igniter.

I help women who are soul tired and physically exhausted, who have tried everything to break through their limits, to release their old beliefs and alchemize their wounds, to reignite the fire within. You deserve to be the Heroine of your own story, and to live an embodied – soul aligned life!

Are you ready to join me in the revolution of your own inner soul fire and live your life on purpose?

There is a unique process each of us needs in our healing and awakening experience,

and I carefully customize each container to my clients specific and aligned needs.

This type of healing and transformation takes time and dedication, which is why we will work together for 6 months.  I hold a fiercely loving, supportive space for your highest evolution to take place, where you can heal from the inside out – body and soul aligned. 

“Healing is a Return to Wholeness” – Milagros Phillips

I believe in a balanced approach to healing, which incorporates the divine and the human experience.  As such, I weave in many different healing elements and modalities that I’ve trained and been certified in over the last 25 years, that bring in balance and wholeness.  I believe that this powerful combination creates the potency in my work and the incredible results that come from working with me. 

Some of these modalities include:

Working with my own spiritual team – which includes channeling Solomοn and the Lapis Star Alliance.
Akashic Records Readings and Past Life Healings.
Bringing awareness and healing to the samskaras (unconscious conditioning)
Removing limiting beliefs with muscle testing and energy work.
Healing the toxic masculine, to create a healthy divine masculine container.
Healing the distorted feminine, to allow for the Divine Shakti to rise and flow.
Union of the masculine and feminine, for soulful and potent alchemy.
Attuning to nature and circadian rhythms, while syncing into the natural body’s unique rhythms.
Harnessing the power of the elements, and how to work with them in daily ritual.
Attuning to the soul’s unique signature blueprint, creating connection between soul/higher self and the human self.
Tools for nervous system relaxation and physical bodily support: yoga and embodiment practices.
Sustainable steps in a week-by-week container, for lasting and true change.
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If you are ready to invest in yourself, to get serious and go deep, to show up for yourself and do the work, and to know that YOU are the HEALER and I am just the space holder and guide, then you are ready to IGNITE your FIRE.

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