Emma  Burton

Shakti Igniter:

Relight the Fire within

Emma Burton


  • SHAKTI IGNITER GROUP PROGRAM: a 3 month container. Weaving in powerful elements from my Shakti Igniter and Shakti Awakening 1:1 private programs, you get to experience a super potent process for a fraction of the cost!  You’ll receive group healings and energy activations, while being held in a deeply supportive container.  PLUS a special private page access for additional sister support and community connection.


  • SHAKTI AWAKENING PROGRAM:  a specialized 6 month process, for a one of a kind deep dive and transformational healing journey (from the inside out).  Say YES to yourself, and living the life of your dreams!  We will create a individualized plan that meets your unique needs and desires, meeting you right where you are, and supporting you through this transformative process.
  • SHAKTI IGNITER PROGRAM: a 2 month specialized container, for laser-focused coaching, quick fire breakthrough experiences, and the ignition to expand rapidly yet sustainably.  This is designed to give you the boost you need to get started, move through those blocks, while feeling held and supported, weaving in healing elements, and allow you to succeed!


  • SEASONAL TRANSMISSIONS: LIVE group transmissions, aligned with the current season/cycle/astrology, recorded for you to keep.
  • ENERGY ACTIVATIONS : downloadable activations and transmissions, priced anywhere from £22 – £44 each.  The recording is yours to keep and listen to forever!


Shakti Igniter Group Program

3 month specialized group program

  • Weaving in potent elements from my Shakti Awakening and Shakti Igniter 1:1 programs, you get to be immersed in a POWERFUL experience for a fraction of the cost! 
  • Designed to IGNITE your SHAKTI within (soul fire / inner light), giving you the quickfire boost you need to fuel yourself to the next level of expansion, joy, creation, and abundance.
  • We are divine beings living a human existence, so let’s align your body and soul, creating a VIBRANT and SOURCED experience.
  • Quantum Healing: group energetics amplify the healing field, which leads to heightened and exponential healings.
  • Move through blocks: uncover and release self-sabotaging patterns, unconscious limiting beliefs, and karmic wounds.
  • It’s time to FULLY live your life on purpose.
  • Be held and supported in this nourishing container, while experiencing the connection of Soul Sisters and Community.


Shakti Awakening - 1:1 Private Program

A specialized 6 month process, for a one of a kind deep dive and transformational healing journey.

Imagine being able to release the struggle and create the life you really want to be living with EASE and GRACE?

Imagine if you could finally stop looking for the answers outside of yourself and instead connect with the amazing power that is within you?

Imagine Activating the Divine Feminine Power. (Shakti) She has been lying dormant for too long.

Together Samskaras (emotional scar tissues of the old patterns, blocks, and traumas) will be cleared and healed, so that you can make a break through and experience more abundance, joy and vibrancy.

This is a transformative 6 month process where you will be  held in a healing cocoon.  All the while being guided in a beautifully supportive and safe energetic container.

Shakti Igniter - 1:1 Private Program

This is a laser focused 2 month process, that is designed to ignite the fire within you.

In this process we pinpoint the issue & the patterns that are keeping you stuck.  If your ready for a MASSIVE BREAKTHROUGH, then this is for you!

If your feeling fed up and ready to shine your light out into the world, to live your life’s purpose and ENJOY the Journey, don’t wait any longer!

This program is designed to IGNITE your SHAKTI within (soul fire / inner light), giving you the quickfire boost you need to fuel yourself to the next level of expansion, joy, creation, and abundance.

Included in our time is a custom money block session, where we will get to the root cause of your issue and once removed, you’ll find it easier and faster to earn what you deserve and charge your worth.


Meet Emma

Emma has been raising her boys and running her healing business for the past 8 years. In that order. She always wanted to be a Mum and loves how working for herself gives her the flexibility to be more present with her boys.

She is committed to Healing the relationship between the Divine Feminine and Masculine so that Soul led healthy happy  lives can be lived.   She holds her clients in a cocoon like space where they can shed the old patterns and constructs that keep them stuck and look within for their own truth.

Emma assists clients on their journey to Self – Mastery whether that be with their own dreams of becoming a Mumma, or leaving the corporate world and becoming a Soul led Business being.   She helps her clients to find their inner peace and lead from their inner knowing.

Emma Burton is an established energy practioner & wellness coach who has studied, trained, and practiced around the globe. She has been on a journey of self-discovery for many years. She is super grounded and practical in her approach but reaches the healing streams of light and channels messages and healings from Source.