Emma Burton

Feel more balanced, powerful & strong

Emma Burton

Feel more balanced, powerful & strong

Shakti Awakening

Imagine being able to release the struggle and create the life you really want to be living with EASE and GRACE?

Imagine if you could finally stop looking for the answers outside of yourself and instead connect with the amazing power that is within you?

Imagine Activating the Divine Feminine Powers. (Shakti) She has been lying dormant for too long.

When you work with Emma you will be able to heal the relationship with the “Distorted Masculine” so that you can enjoy more balance and peace, whilst benefiting from the gifts he brings.

Together Samskaras will be cleared and healed so that you can experience more abundance, joy and vibrancy.

You will feel more balanced, powerful & strong.

Fertility Support

Imagine being able to release the stress and fear from your fertility journey, so that you could enjoy this sacred time.

Imagine how it might feel to be able to make intimacy within your relationship the cornerstone of this journey.

Imagine holding deep reverence for your body, and becoming more confident about the steps you are undertaking along the way.

These things are all possible when you’ve an ally like Emma in your corner.

Together you will work to navigate any roadblocks along your pregnancy journey, allowing you to embrace the process with confidence. We will use tools such as Sacred Womb Healing, Kinisiology Muscle Testing and Akashic Records for Channeled guidance, during our Zoom calls, all of which will help you to release the “struggle” and move into a space of conscious awareness and choice.

Portal to Pregnancy
6 month 1:1 coaching program tailored to your specific needs
Conscious Conception
4 Week Course to help you prepare for pregnancy
My Soul Baby
A session to open up the channel of communication with your soul baby

Book: Don't Get Stuck on Your Asana

Whether you’re new to yoga or more established in your practice, this book is intended to help you get the most out of your time on the mat. Yoga is so much more than just the position you put your body in! What begins as the physical practice of Asana (the physical aspect of yoga) does not end there. Your practice is meant to develop into a deeper meditative practice that encompasses all aspects of your being – your mental-emotional state, and your ego and soul levels – unless, of course, you get “stuck on your asana!”

This book will ensure you do not get “stuck on your asana!” Deepen your practice, embrace all that is possible from your time on the mat, and let yoga bring you all that it is meant to.

Enlightenment and Awareness

“My life before working with Emma was a bit of a treadmill that i could not get off. Ploughing through my day without any time for myself. Just taking 2 hours per week working with Emma showed me how important it is to make a bit of time for me…

Working with Emma slowed my time down almost…her calming manner and voice is a real asset..i do feel very empowered and more spirituality awake if that is possible.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Springtime Awakening classes, as i got to join in with like minded ladies and i felt healed and calmed by the end of the course.

It is not something i have ever done before and i got an awful lot of enlightenment, awareness and deliberate time for myself.”

Clare Butterton

Meet Emma

Emma Burton is an established wellness coach who has studied, trained, and practiced around the globe. She has been on a journey of self-discovery for many years. Emma encourages her clients to adapt a healthy and soulful philosophy which allows them to embrace the more spiritual side of themselves and their lives. She delights in supporting her clients as they explore the paths that lead them to step into their Divine Power. Emma is mother of two boys and loves living in the English Countryside.